Tulum Beach, Riviera Maya

Asian Investment of 500 million USD in Tulum

Asian Investment of 500 million USD in Tulum

A group of developers Asian Americans, representing capital investors from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan could invest in southern Quintana Roo, mainly in Tulum, about $ 500 million USD over the next five years in the construction of residences, shopping malls and entertainment centers.

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Tulum Site

Gerardo Elbiorn Dzubera, vice president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in Cancun, announced last month he had a meeting in San Francisco, California, with representatives of investors, who were coming to Cancun later this month or early December.

“A delegation of five people will visit Quintana Roo, they will provide the proper information to the investment groups to start planning developments in the area, depending on their analysis,” he said.

He explained that there is no specific group, but these developers are Asian Americans representing major Asian firms, that will eventually come to invest in Quintana Roo.

Gerardo Elbiorn Dzubera, who is also the Commercial Director of Aldea Zama,which is located in Tulum, said developers and investors are looking forward to do business through partnership in the Real Estate sector.

“There are many Real Estate brokers in the State who are not professionals, and if this negotiation falls into the wrong hands the investment of $ 500 million could not be done,” he said.

Elbiorn Dzubera said that this group of developers are interested in investing in southern Quintana Roo, because they consider this a great opportunity to generate a zone of their own, due to Cancun’s air connectivity and infrastructure

The project still has no name, but the investors expressed their interest in a land reserve of 200 hectares in Tulum, which would be part of this project. Initially a group of four or five families will be sent to live in the area and feel the environment,” he said.


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