Tulum Beach, Riviera Maya

Fatal Devotion Ep #103 Filmed in Tulum Mayan Riviera

Fatal Devotion Ep #103 Fillmed in Tulum Mayan Riviera, (Aired Wed July 11 10|9c)

From Jessica Heeren’s FB Page

“Hey Tulum friends….I was just watching a crime show called “final witness” here at my step Mom’s home, in Victoria. The show is about a guy who murders his whole family, wife and 3 kids, then puts them in suitcases an throws them in a river. After the crime he flees to Tulum. The final part was filmed at Zazil kin, on the beach at Playa Pescadores, and at the Tulum ruins. He was recognized by a tour guide at the ruins who had seen the story on “America’s most wanted”. The FBI came to the beach to arrest him, and on the show it shows them arriving at Cabanas Zazil kin. I am sure the boat driver shown in the show was Phillipe from Mar Caribe! Our favorite beach is now Infamous….too bad in this case it was for a very sad reason.”


MaryJane Baker Longo is happy. She is a wife, a mother of three and a devout Jehovah’s Witness. Her handsome husband, Christian, is a charming go-getter and is making a great life for his family. When Chris wants to pack up the family and drive cross-country, MaryJane is excited – a chance to see America. But the family adventure turns into a nightmare when MaryJane discovers that Chris’ wanderlust is really a flight from justice – and that Chris isn’t the man she thought he was. Written by ABC Television Network

On December 19, 2001, the body of a little boy is found floating in an inlet off a small seaside town in Oregon. When a local resident recognizes him Zachery Longo, the middle child of Christian and MaryJane Longo, police rush to find them. But two days later this tragedy becomes a horror show.  MaryJane, and her two daughters, Madison and Sadie, are also found dead, drowned and stuffed in suitcases. The only person the police can’t seem to find is their father – Christian Longo.

Christian and Mary Jane Longo were a beautiful young couple.  Christian was handsome and athletic; Mary Jane, dark and delicate.  They married, had three beautiful children and were deeply involved in their Jehovah’s Witness church community.  It seemed perfect. Except for one thing: Christian Longo was an unstoppable, epic liar and when under financial pressure, a thief.  It started with Christian pilfering money from work to pay for MaryJane’s engagement ring and escalated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in check fraud and stolen industrial equipment sales.  But Christian Longo always told his wife they were fine.  And Mary Jane always believed him.  Her trust never wavered, even as they fled their hometown of Ypsilanti, MI on a manic road trip through cheap motels and apple-pie American tourist destinations, dragging their children and few remaining possessions (most stolen) along with them.

In Oregon, Christian’s lies finally catch up with him – the rent on the condo is due and his job at the local coffee shop isn’t going to cover it. MaryJane confronts him about everything and he realizes the elaborate house of cards he had constructed is crumbling and the fresh-faced sociopath jettisons what he now considers dead weight dragging him down.  He kills them all and goes on the run, changing his identity.

The FBI tracks Longo across the west coast until he is spotted in Mexico, impersonating a New York Times reporter.  He is apprehended and brought back to Oregon to answer for his terrible crimes.

Source: abc.go


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