Tulum Beach, Riviera Maya

Tulum to Benefit from New Expressway Bypass

Tulum Real Estate to Benefit from New Expressway Bypass

Tulum Real Estate InformationSource: ArticlesBase

In the past couple of years, Tulum real estate has been gaining a good deal of attention for its high potential to become the Yucatan Peninsula’s next booming market. In addition to growing tourism, and plans for a new international airport, plans are also being made for a expressway bypass. This bypass will benefit the real estate market in a few ways.

Libramiento de Tulum

Libramiento de Tulum

The project involves the construction of 26 kilometers (16 miles) of expressway which includes a branch to the future Riviera Maya International Airport, with a length of 5.5 kilometers (3.5 miles)

The speed limit is expected to be 110 kilometers per hour (approx. 70 MPH). The total cost will be 1.4 billion pesos ($120 million USD)

The bypass will begin just north of Tulum, bypassing the projected urban area, and running near the new airport, with an intersection with the Tulum Coba highway just past this point. South of Tulum, the bypass will rejoin with the existing highway where it begins to move away from the beachfront, going around the Sian Kaan wildlife reserve and heading south to Chetumal and the Costa Maya area.

The new bypass will benefit Mexico land purchases which are becoming increasingly common along the Tulum-Coba highway, offering quick access not only to Tulum, but also Tulum but also to Playa del Carmen and other areas along the Riviera Maya. Many of these land developments have an eco-friendly focus and expats are building homes off the grid with alternative energy sources, and special water treatment systems designed to protect the coral reef.

Condos, homes and land purchases within the projected urban area of Tulum will also benefit from the bypass. Unlike Playa del Carmen, in Tulum the existing highway actually becomes the town’s main road, where the main concentration of restaurants, services and tourist shops are located. Currently, traffic is low, so the amount of vehicles coming and going is ideal for the small downtown atmosphere; with increased traffic from the new airport and large amount of growth in the area, congestion could become a problem. In this way, the bypass will also allow the downtown area to retain the small village charm that it currently offers.

A number of points are, in fact, being introduced in Tulum to help preserve this atmosphere, including further village center areas, low density development, and the environmental focus mentioned above, which has been a strong tendency in Tulum.


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